Location: Raleigh, NC 
Type: Residential 
Surface: 1,800 SF 
Status: Built 
Honors: ​​​​​​​
2nd Place - 2020 Matsumoto Prize - Peoples Choice Category
Featured in the 2015 North Carolina Modernist Homes Tour (Modapalooza)

The project’s goal is to introduce more affordable contemporary homes for Triangle Area housing. This modern ranch-style residence takes its shape from the archetypal gable form and helps to integrate itself into the neighborhood. Although the house presents a modern intervention, the project’s scale and proportional parameters integrate into its context. 
Natural light and ventilation are passive goals for the project. A strong indoor-outdoor connection was sought by establishing views toward the wooded landscape and having a deck structure weave into the public area. North Carolina’s natural textures are represented in the simple black and tan palette of the facade.

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