Experience Contemporary
We are an innovative architecture firm based in Raleigh, NC. We service the Triangle Area and specialize in modern high-end architecture. Custom & creative is our standard: Our architecture predicates simplicity and elicits excitement. Our projects propose designing in balance in its context and with nature. We intentionally design simple to make every single square inch of you project count.

Our Process
Our process is artistic and collaborative. Our methodology is efficient and pragmatic.
1st Step - Discovery
We always start by ensuring that our clients comfortably share their vision. We listen and understand what you need and what you want. In this step, we want to organize any relevant information, then analyze it and interpret the opportunities and challenges of the project. 

2nd Step - Exploration
This step is also called the Schematic Design Phase because we seek to find the essence of your project by a process of options and iterations. Together we will seek creative solutions that best fit your vision. All ideas are expressed in a loose or symbolic way by the art of sketching, producing diagrams, and using computer-assisted floorplans and 3d modeling. We will explore and test ideas and at the end we will select the most balanced solution. The one that resonates with the owner aesthetically and functionally.

3rd Step - Production
Once the scope of our project is defined in the previous step, the design team will start producing technical documents that will serve to coordinate all information to make your project real. In this step, our team collaborates with other consultants to produce The Construction Drawings set and Specifications that will conform to The Project Manual. This manual will be used by the contractor as a guide to construct the building.

4th Step - Construction Administration
Habanero Architecture is always available as required to ensure that the design vision gets carried through construction.
Our Work
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