Location: Merida, Mexico
Type: Residential 
Surface: 7,500 SF 
Status: Design Development - Schedule Construction in early 2023
In association with MR | Arquitectura Interior

The tropical setting allows blurring lines between the outside and inside spaces, making the whole composition seamless and abundant in natural light and natural ventilation. The private areas will be located on the second floor while all public areas will be found on the first floor opening towards the northeast or "the friar corner," which is where the best breeze is channeled as well as the best natural light. The funnel-like shape of the property leads to some serious challenges in order to array privacy and offer an even distribution to the structure and the architectural program. The result of this mass is an angular second-floor prism that faces northeast and the bottom prism remains parallel to the entry and service courtyard. The master suite is separated by a "bridge" connector.  This area is where the entrance and the stairs are located. 

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